Squash Racket Restringing
Squash racket restringing

The list below represents just a selection of strings (and those I find are most commonly used in my experience) - if you want a quote for a particular string, call me on 07855 107578 or 01785 607797.

If you bring the racket to me and collect it yourself, the prices below include restringing - what you see is what you pay. Some people seem to think that is just the cost of the string and still have to pay extra for the restringing . . . no - that's the total price.

While-you-wait service
I can do a restring while you wait sometimes (depending on workload). There is a small extra charge (£5) for this (I have to stop what I'm doing and you get pushed up the list ... bit like going private). 
How long does it take? Some rackets take longer than others, but expect to be hanging around for 40 mins. There's a retail park nearby, or you can sit and watch me perform miracles on your racket . . . it's up to you. 
If you want a while-you-wait restring, you need to contact me and arrange a time (07855 107578).

Already have string
If you already have a set of string you want me to use, the cost for me to restring the racket is £10.

Have a look at our string selection below (there is more information about strings and tensions here, if you are interested).

Titan Pro Fibre S
Pro Fibre S 1.25     £15
A new quality multifilament in the Titan range of strings. A lovely soft feel with explosive power. Pro Fibre S was trialled by a couple of professional players and they loved it. Stringers love it as do players ... this really is hard to beat ... every bit as good as Tecnifibre, but not at a stupid price! 
If you haven't used a multifilament string before, or are unsure what to use, believe me ... you could not choose a better string.

Pro Fibre squash
Pro Fibre 1.25     £12
Titan's original fibre string (available in red). A quality multifilament. Very similar to Tecnifibre but the string is not as 'greasy' as Tecnifibre and 'grips' the ball better in my opinion. This is definitely worth trying. Highly recommended and excellent value at £12.

Titan Dura Fibre
Dura Fibre 1.30     £14
Based on the high performance string Pro Fibre. Dura Fibre features a unique adaptation to the resin formula to enhance durability. The combination of construction and the 1.30mm gauge make this the ideal string for heavy hitting players but still want maximum feel and control during play. 

Titan Pro Nick
Titan Pro Nick 1.25     £12
This is a great looking (ice blue), textured, durable string. The braided monofilament outer layer extends string life and also provides exceptional feel and control.

Titan Tournament
Tournament 1.20     £12
For the price this is amazing. A multifilament core braided with nylon with a special coating to increase durability. 
If Carlsberg made strings ... comes in red, white or green.

Titan Response
Response 1.20     £12
A multifilament with a rough texture for those who love to cut the ball. Quite elastic for a rough string, so you also get quite a bit of pace. Not the most durable string around, but I love the feel and pace you get out of this.

Titan PowerWrap
PowerWrap 1.20     £12
This is similar to the string above (Response), but has a rougher outer covering for extra bite. It is also more durable, but with the thin gauge it still packs a punch. Great range of colours too - black/white; green/black;  white/blue; black/yellow.

Titan Pro Tour
Pro Tour 1.25     £10
A standard performance string that offers maximum durability. Pro Tour is best suited to club standard players who want a string that often outlasts the racket! Also, if the grommets in your racket are knackered and it's an old model (i.e. you won't be able to get a replacement bumper set) it will be a good idea to go for a string like this - you're not spending much and it won't cut so easily.

Tecnifibre 305
Tecnifibre 305 1.20 and 1.30     £19
Probably one of the most popular strings on the market. Mimics natural gut and elastic properties give power, absorbs shock well. In my opinion, now has some issues with snapping (which never used to happen with Tecnifibre).

Tecnifibre DNAMX
Tecnifibre DNAMX 1.18     £20
A new addition to the Tecnifibre range. They seem to be phasing out the 305+ range in favour of this pricier version. Sort of falls in between the 305 and X-One in terms of playability. Comes in green.

Tecnifibre XOne Biphase
Tecnifibre X-One Biphase 1.18      £22
Tecnifibre's top of the range multifilament is reckoned to be as good as natural gut ... at that price it should be!

Ashaway SuperNick XL
Ashaway SuperNick XL 1.25     £18
Multifibre string used by many of the big guns. It has a rough texture and grips the ball well. For many years this was THE string ... and remains a favourite for many people.

Ashaway Power Nick 18
Ashaway Power Nick 18 1.15     £20
This has become a popular control squash string used by some of the world's top squash players including Nick Matthew. It has a textured surface and holds tension well.

Ashaway Ultra Nick
Ashaway Ultra Nick 17  1.25     £21
Ashaway's top of the range - haven't tried it so can't comment. Apparently like PowerNick but with a softer feel.

Ashaway Power Nick
Ashaway Power Nick 1.25     £18
A hard string (very little give) - so it suits those whose games are centred on control and drop shots.

Head Evolution Pro
Head Evolution Pro 1.30     £15
Good blend of power and durability. Comes in bright orange or black.

Dunlop MFil
Dunlop M-Fil TS  1.20     £14
This has a multi-fibre core for excellent power - and a smooth monofilament outercovering to maintain tension and durability. It is a thin string and has great feel, but don't expect much in terms of durability. But at £14 I thinks this is good value.

Dunlop Precision
Dunlop Precision 1.18     £14
This is a very thin, powereful string. Another multi-filament core covered with a monofilament coat. Ice blue . . . and pretty cool!

Prince Premier
Prince Premier LT  1.20 or 1.25     £18
The LT stands for Linear Technology (yeah!) ... the fibres are laid parallel to each other - very similar to natural gut. Lots of power, comfort and feel. A really, really good string.

Prince Sweet Perfection
Prince Sweet Perfection 1.26     £19
A soft multifilament string for great touch, comfort and feel. If you use a racket with a very stiff frame, this sort of string will work well.

Prince Synthetic Gut
Prince Synthetic Gut Duraflex 1.25     £13
A very popular all round quality synthetic gut string. It is derived from Prince's top selling tennis Synthetic Gut with Duraflex and is a good choice  if you are undecided about what to use.
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