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I am a certified UKRSA professional stringer (i.e. I've done the courses and proved I know what I'm doing!)

Besides being a racket stringer, I am a registered squash coach and coach squash in the Stafford area.

I've been stringing rackets for more than 12 years ... that's a lot of rackets of all shapes and sizes. 

Babolate Stringing Machine

For those who are fascinated by this sort of thing, I use a Babolat Sensor electronic machine (the type they use at Wimbledon) ... very impressive, and very accurate.

If you want to ask any questions either email
Racket Stringing Services
or call on 07855 107578. Or you can come along and have a chat.


I also supply tennis, badminton, squash and racketball rackets . . . and many other sporting items such as balls, grips, clothing etc. Have a look at our site

Colin Gallow
Racket Stringing Services
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